El conductor de un camión y su hijo de 7 años se salvan de las heridas en un accidente de cinco vehículos en Chonburi y afirman que un amuleto religioso les salvó.

FOTO: Kaoded Chonburi

Chonburi -

A 33-year-old driver and his 7-year-old son have escaped injuries after the father’s truck was involved in a five-vehicle accident in Sane Suk this week.  The 33-year old man believed his special religious amulet stopped all involved from suffering injuries.

The Sane Suk Police was notified of the accident in the afternoon on Friday, October 15th, on Sukhumvit Road at a U-turn in Tap Sai, in the Sane Suk sub-district.

Police arrived at the scene to find two damaged trucks and three damaged cars on the road.

Other vehicles nearby were also damaged in the crash but no injuries were reported.

The truck driver, Mr. Surasak Tankanka, 33, told the associated Thai press, “There was a car in front of me immediately making a U-turn. I was unable to stop before the collision. Luckily, my son and I were not injured. After crashing into the vehicle making the U-turn, several other vehicles crashed into us afterward. Nobody was injured.”

“I believe that everyone in the accident was protected from injury by my famous religious amulet that I wear at all times on my neck and often pray to,” Surasak stated.

Sane Suk police, however, did not seem much awed about claims of religious protection and brought all drivers involved to the nearby police station to discuss liability, damages, and fault regarding the accident.

FOTO: Kaoded Chonburi


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