Continúa en Pattaya la gran campaña de vacunación contra el virus Covid-19 con la vacuna de Pfizer; es probable que las escuelas empiecen a abrir en noviembre en Pattaya


A major vaccination day for eligible students in Pattaya started yesterday (October 18th) with 2,402 students vaccinated against Covid-19 with the Pfizer vaccine, according to the Pattaya City Mayor.

The vaccination campaign is seen as a major step to get students in Pattaya back to in-person schooling for the first time in almost seven months.

The Pattaya City Mayor Sonthaya Khunplome told the Pattaya News team, “The vaccination campaign yesterday was at Mueang Pattaya School 2 (Jaroenraj Uthit).”

“There were 2,402 of students from twelve years old to eighteen years old from five schools in Pattaya that have been vaccinated for their first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer.” The Mayor continued.

“Those students are from Mueang Pattaya 11 School with 1,433 students, Mueang Pattaya 1 School  with 166 students, Mueang Pattaya 2 School with 251 students, Mueang Pattaya 3 School with 338 students and Mueang Pattaya 4 School with 214 students.” The Mayor explained.

“There are in total 4,662 students that have been registered for Pfizer vaccinations. The total number of public school students in Pattaya City are 5,326 students.” The Pattaya Mayor added.

“Schools in Pattaya are planned to start to open for in-person schooling from the beginning of November after the majority of eligible students have had their second dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. However, students who are not in Pattaya area schools will be vaccinated too.” The Mayor stated.

The Mayor noted, however, that the vaccination campaign was only for students whose parents had agreed and given permission. He stated that only a small minority of parents had resisted the vaccination campaign, however, there was no “mandate” for children to be vaccinated to return to school. The mayor stressed that all students would be allowed to return to classes in person in the “near future” and that vaccination was only one part of an overall plan to safely get schools running again.

The exact specifics for the school plan for Chonburi and Pattaya should be announced in the next several weeks, concluded the Mayor, along with the other precautions and measures to take to get children back in class.


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